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IMG_7083My first post in this blog I will dedicate to the journey which changed me in so many different ways. It was the journey that made me truly believe something life has proven so many times in the past – when you truly want something, you need to constantly put efforts in making it happen. This will bring great yet sometimes unexpected results. I don’t want to sound like one of those how-to-live-a-happy-life books, just want to share my experience with you and maybe help some of  you organize some great trips for which you will need about 5 days off from your work.

As I am also an office rat during the week and can take just about 20 days off in the year, I carefully plan my trips so that I can visit as many places as possible in a short time-span.

Let me now go back to the trip I mentioned in the beginning. It was about 10 years ago when I was in Barcelona and went to a party in one apartment full of people from all around the world. There in the bathroom I saw a picture of one of the hosts of the party with a giant tree blended into the walls of some ruins. It looked amazing I was thinking that I wish so much to one day have the opportunity to go to this place. Then I talked to the host who explained to me that this is a temple complex in Cambodia. At that time I knew almost nothing about this country. I was around 19 back then.

It was a few years later, after extensive travelling in Europe, when I remembered this photo and started looking for information about the temples on the Internet. Then I decided to organize a trip for my boyfriend – Ivo and me to this place. And this is how it all started for us. We both are also passionate about photography – I am taking pics with an old analogue camera and he, who as a cameraman has a professionally trained eye, takes some great shots with his digital camera. This will allow me to visually share our experience with you.


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